3 Tips for College Packing

Hello all! Today I will be sharing my top three tips for back-to-college packing. I will be moving back to college in about two weeks. My university is about forty five minutes from my house (maybe an hour with heavy highway traffic). I do live on campus in a dorm room. My freshman year I managed to snag a single dorm and this year I managed to do the same.


1.Do not follow your college’s checklist.

Your school will probably send you a list of things you “need”. Trust me, you will not need half of those items. Of course there are the vital items: bed sheet sets, mattress topper, pillows, etc.; however, try to stick with items you will actually need. When packing I suggest keeping functionality in mind. Ask yourself “Will I actually use this?”, “Will this serve a functional purpose?”.

This is how my mind thinks when it comes to packing for my dorm. I do not need a million decorative pillows, wall decorations, and desk knick-knacks. There is nothing wrong with having some photos and trinkets from home, but try to keep it meaningful. You will get annoyed if you have to move some many things to clean. Stick with the basics then work from there.


2. Utilize storage bins.

That’s right! I suggest purchasing one massive plastic tote bin to pack some items in, you will use this for all your college years maybe even further. I made sure to pack as much as I could into mine; this helps to avoid using cardboard boxes. I also used my plastic drawers to organize my sheets, towels/washcloths, and dishes in one drawer. Simply tape the drawers shut with some packing tape and call it a day! Use your backpack to store school supplies in and a tote bag to place your underclothes in. I also utilize my gray ottoman to store my shoes in. Which leads to my next tip.

**Quick tip: Some people go overboard purchasing storage bins ,which is a big no. I suggest checking your school’s Housing web page and seeing what furniture is in your room. They may be enough to store your belongings in throughout the school year.

 3. Do not pack so many clothes. 

I could honestly make a whole post about this, but no one in college cares about what you are wearing. Honestly you may not even see the same people everyday. I recommend building a capsule-like wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe would allow you to mix-and-match as you please. I also suggest packing winter items if you are far from home and will not be visiting for the winter break. Make sure to remember your necessities like sleeping clothes, gym clothes, etc.

Quick tip: I use this technique to move my clothes and it is amazing! I found the idea on Pinterest.


This was a really quick blog post. If anyone has any specific questions about college move-in, feel free to ask me. I always get back to you as soon as I can! When do you begin your next school year?

Thanks for reading,



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